Hay & Feed

We’re more than just a feed store—we care about animal nutrition

Every horseman knows that high quality nutrition is of utmost importance to the performance horse and ranch horse. We are proud to carry an excellent selection of horse feed and carefully sourced, nutritious, digestible hay. Our nutrition advisors receive continual education on the latest developments in equine nutrition. We can help you tailor a feeding regimen to your horse’s specific needs that will keep them happy, healthy, and competition-ready.

Horse Hay

All of our hay is carefully sourced to ensure that you’re getting the safest, most nutritious hay for your horse. We inspect each and every truckload of hay. When we say it’s premium hay, we mean it!

All of our bales – even round bales – are stored in our barns at all times, so you never have to worry about buying hay that was exposed to the elements.

Hay is sold by the bale or the truckload. We deliver within a certain area for an extra fee. For pricing or more information, please call us at (817) 596-0274.

Bermuda Hay

Our 3-string square bales are giant bermuda sourced from California, weighing in at 100-120lbs. Giant bermuda has a shorter stalk and comes to a seed head. Our hay is fertilized, so it contains no weeds. You may find that this hay falls apart easily rather than staying in a firm, solid flake – this is a good thing. Short hay means safer, more digestible hay that is less likely to cause colic.

Alfalfa Hay

Our alfalfa comes in 3 string square bales that weigh 100-115lbs. Our alfalfa is sourced from Arizona and only baled at the optimum time to ensure safe nutritional content for horses. Our alfalfa is leafy, green, beautiful, palatable, and safe.

Giant Alfalfa Bales – Available for a limited time!

These alfalfa bales weigh over 900lbs! This alfalfa is fine-stemmed, leafy, gorgeous horse quality hay. Quantities are limited, so get them while they last!

Tifton 85 Round Bales

Considered by experts to be among the best forage to feed your horse, Tifton 85 is a highly digestible hybrid species of bermudagrass – up to 11% more digestible than coastal bermuda. Our beautiful round bales are 100% Tifton 85 bermuda hay. These aren’t your average round bales. These beauties are premium, ultra-nutritious, horse quality hay.

Horse and Livestock Feed

Horsemen’s Supply is a proud supplier of these fine feeds:

Bryant Grain
Wendland’s Farm Products
Total Equine
Standlee Forage

Please Click Here for a full list of all the feeds we carry in-store. If you’re seeking a specific feed, please call ahead at (817) 596-0274 to check availability.

Dog and Cat Food

Your pet’s nutrition is important to us, too! We offer Bryant Grain dry dog food in 50lb bags and cat food in 20lb bags.

We also sell several varieties of Taste of the Wild, a grain-free dog and cat food. Taste of the Wild dry dog kibble is available in 30lb and 14lb bags. Dry cat food is available in 15lb and 5lb bags. We also carry wet cat food in 3oz cans.